Can Filter Carbon Filter Can 50

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  • EAN: 0840470000090

Each Original Can-Filter uses our thickest granular-carbon packed-bed design to deliver the best performing Can-Filter on the market. Even with the industry’s thickest 2.5 in carbon bed, the Can Original maintains minimal pressure drops. This hefty granular carbon bed effectively makes the Can Original a massive sponge, soaking up VOCs and capable of holding massive amounts of contaminant. The Original Can-Filter® is designed for the control of VOCs (paint fumes, hydrocarbons, etc.), odors, and other gaseous contaminants.  Rated at a conservative 0.1 sec contact time, the Original Can-Filter® provides excellent value and confidence.


  • Made in North America
  • 7 sizes from 33-150cm, largest in industry
  • You pick the flange that’s right for you
  • Low pressure drop even on smaller sizes
  • Granular carbon delivers the cleanest filter available
  • 2.5” Carbon bed, thickest in  industry
  • Flange comes seperate to fit a wide range of fans and applications